@mattab opened this Issue on February 1st 2014 Member

I did a global search in the codebase and found hundreds of cases of Piwik_XYZ written in the codebase, mostly in comments, such as Piwik_Auth, Piwik_Db, Piwik_API, etc.

We should remove these references and replace with correct phpdoc blocks (or simply remove).

This would conclude our effort of migrating the whole codebase from pre-namespace to full namespace support (see also: #4074 )

@anonymous-piwik-user commented on February 2nd 2014

In b1ae26ddbc88bc4b729e77fcca91660480825f34: Removing occurences of Piwik_ in core/

refs #4609

@halfdan commented on February 2nd 2014 Member

It's worth reading up on http://www.phpdoc.org/docs/latest/for-users/phpdoc/tags/package.html

Both @category and @subpackage are deprecated. @package should only be used if it does not match the namespace. Also @package must not appear more than once in a file.

I suggest the following:

  • for core/ we remove @package
  • for plugins/ we use @package with the name of the plugin (and not the namespace - so Actions instead of Piwik\Plugins\Actions)


@anonymous-piwik-user commented on February 2nd 2014

In f9d52ca9433e33783e59b209554dfba58f30cec4: Remove all occurences of @package / @subpackage / @category from core/ files.

refs #4609

@anonymous-piwik-user commented on February 2nd 2014

In 6b9ae92360cdd006cb3fc283ad2526e0ce9e1b34: Remove remaining @package/@subpackage/@category declarations from plugins/

fixes #4609

@anonymous-piwik-user commented on February 3rd 2014

In dde7c3744b0156ce89a3d1cbe047fa8d880cdbaa: Removing last Piwik_ occurences

refs #4609

@mattab commented on February 3rd 2014 Member

In 217b22b3309364edc4231218f52983165dd304e1: Fixes #4609 Removing last mentions of Piwik_ -- Looking sharp now!

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