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Identify the bottlenecks on our site. Find out which pages turn away our visitors.

To help us understand where are the bottlenecks on our site which reduce the conversion rate of our visitors Pikwik should implement a Funnels functionality in Piwik. With the help of Funnels we could analyze the most common paths of our visitors and understand on which step of the path most of the visitor gets distracted, lose interest and go away from the site.

The Funnels functionality in Piwik should not only allow us to define a particular set of pages that a visitor should open, but it should also allow us to specify an abstract visitor path not connected directly to particular pages and URLs. This will help us get a much better understanding of our visitors behavior.

Every step of the path that you define for a Funnel can be:

  1. A click from an advertising link.
  2. A page opened via a split-test.
  3. A page opened via a referring link.
  4. A visitor action.
  5. A sale.
  6. An ordinary page load.

The number of the visitor steps in the funnel shoul not be limited.

@robocoder commented on December 9th 2008 Contributor

dupe of #220

@mattab commented on December 7th 2016 Member

FYI: We've just launched the new Funnels premium plugin! The premium Funnels plugin provides really powerful Conversion Funnels analytics directly in Piwik. Learn more & get the plugin in the Funnels Marketplace page. Check the Funnels User Guide and Funnels FAQ for more information. Looking forward to hearing your feedback!

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