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As you can see from the screenshot, the pie charts renders quite a bit cropped on retina screens. I was able to replicate this behavior on OS X 10.9 Mavericks on all major browsers (Chrome 32, Safari 7, Firefox 26 etc.) both on my own Piwik setup as well as the demo at demo.piwik.org.


@anonymous-piwik-user commented on January 30th 2014
@mattab commented on February 1st 2014 Member

Thanks for the report!

@Fabian maybe you have an idea?

@mattab commented on March 16th 2014 Member

Including in scope of this duplicate (?) bug report #4748 When zooming to 150% in the browser, the pie charts are only partly visible. Particularly important on High-DPI displays, where 200% is the default.

@DaSchTour commented on March 26th 2014 Contributor

Will there be a fix for this? Why is this so hard to fix?

@DaSchTour commented on April 8th 2014 Contributor

BTW a possible workaround is to start your browser in low-resolution (can be selected by opening information of the App)
This is a really ugly workaround. I hoped to find a plugin to select only single pages to not render with retina resolution.
I hope this will be fix very very very soon. I hate it to have another browser running just to view piwik pie charts.

@DaSchTour commented on April 8th 2014 Contributor
@DaSchTour commented on May 7th 2014 Contributor

Nothing is moving here and I get angrier every day when I have to switch to Opera running in non-retina mode just take a look on a pie chart. This is a unacceptable state! I wonder how many MacBook Users switched to GoogleAnalytics.
By the way with new Ubuntu and Windows 8.1 the number of users with HiDPI Displays and OS which support this will increase statically. So this will hurt more and more every day!

@mattab commented on May 8th 2014 Member

@DaSch if you know a developer that can help fix this issue, we would be grateful

@anonymous-piwik-user commented on May 8th 2014

see my commit at https://github.com/wedgeV/piwik/commit/f1c72b03704da41e5016d42e0e2c10b51a03b216 which fixes this on retina. i'll create a pull request, so you can decide if you want to include this hack (and test on non retina).


@mattab commented on May 9th 2014 Member

In a5b61f404fa57e652428ecbbeb8e084b13982395: Merge pull request #271 from wedgeV/jqplot-pie-fix

hack to fix pie chart size on retina Fixes #4594
Kuddos @wedgeV

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