@kevinoid opened this Issue on January 29th 2014

Currently piwik.js unconditionally adds a listener to the beforeunload event. Unfortunately, this prevents "Back-Forward Cache"/"Page Cache"/"Fast History Navigation" on Firefox/Safari/Opera respectively.

Since the beforeunload event is only used to trigger unload plugins, would it be acceptable to defer registering the beforeunload event listener until addPlugin is called with an unload plugin? That way plugins will still get the event, but Piwik won't disable the bfcache unless a plugin requires it.

@robocoder commented on January 29th 2014 Contributor

Even if we completely removed the plugin support, we would still require the event listener. The wait loop in the before unload handler is an important piece of functionality, i.e., required for outlink tracking (where supported by the browser).

So, yes, it prevents bfcaching, but this is as designed/intended. The immediate workaround is to use Piwik's server-side logging capability. Removing/disabling the before unload event listener is a compat buster, so won't happen in the 2.0.x branch.

@robocoder commented on January 29th 2014 Contributor
@mattab commented on February 1st 2014 Owner

Can this be fixed, if so do you know how?

@robocoder commented on February 1st 2014 Contributor

This requires further investigation to see how well supported it is across browsers.

Latest Firefox and Safari fire pageshow event before onload, and pagehide before unload.

It might be something like:

Add event listener for 'pagehide'

Pagehide handler:
- remove unload handler (if still registered)
- call the unload handler directly

(Similarly for pageshow.)

Theoretically, this would allow the page to be cacheable by bfcache. Downsides: may introduce a delay for Back/Forward navigation. (Could mitigate this by keeping track of outstanding requests.)

@mattab commented on April 6th 2014 Owner

Thanks Anthon. It sounds a bit complex so won't fix for now. Thanks for the discussion! If you have a patch please reopen

This Issue was closed on April 6th 2014
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