@halfdan opened this Issue on January 22nd 2014 Member

The cache buster is generating a hash from several changing properties:

$pluginList = md5(implode(",", !$pluginNames ? Manager::getInstance()->getLoadedPluginsName() : $pluginNames));
$cacheBuster = md5(SettingsPiwik::getSalt() . $pluginList . PHP_VERSION . Version::VERSION . trim($currentGitHash));

Things to note:

  • md5 is used twice
  • SettingsPiwik::getSalt() is a static value.
@anonymous-piwik-user commented on January 22nd 2014

In 74e9976a068208c51de3dfd85a2f6044741769d4: Simplify cache buster and use only values that can change.

fixes #4567

@robocoder commented on January 22nd 2014 Contributor

With git, I suppose devs commit more frequently. But just for historical context, I included the salt because I would frequently erase my config and re-install from my workspace without committing anything to svn.

@halfdan commented on January 22nd 2014 Member

Makes sense - but changing the salt wouldn't have any effect on the assets/cache.

This Issue was closed on January 22nd 2014
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