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Define sets of sites in order to present sum of data for them.

  1. define set by listing sites to sum (i.e. idsite 1, 2 and 5)
  2. define set by listing sites not to sum (i.e. all sites except idsite 1, 2 and 5)

Database. Each of set is defined by an entry in piwik_site table. We make the following modifications in tables:

* convert idsite to string, so we can define site set i.e. "1,2,4", "all", "all but 1,2" 

Admin User interface.

* we use Site chooser to define set of sites
* we define set of sites, i.e. 'Client 1 sites' 

Archiving. We compute sets of sites from summing archives of sites + lookup the number of unique visitors. Data concering unique visitors for certain countries, keywords will be inaccurate in the first version of plugin. We need to change/disable archiving done by exising plugins, so we do not archive data like for normal site, but we just sum data archived for sites in siteset.

Notes: when we edit siteset we need to recompute all the data!


* we define permissions for site set the same as for sites,
* we can view siteset as different site 

Some work is already done (i.e. ArchiveProcessing_Siteset class, plugin base code). The solution is already working in some form on my site network)
Keywords: outofscope

@mattab commented on January 30th 2009 Member

Maciej, could you please post the plugin if it's working already? thanks

see with mzawadzinski att gmail for any more info

@zawadzinski commented on January 30th 2009 Contributor

Current version in the attachment.

Now working on core to optimize Archive/Array/*.php

@zawadzinski commented on February 10th 2009 Contributor

attachment was not for this plugin, see #389

The plugin I use is in very poor 'dev' state. When I finish dealing with other piwik issues I will go back to it.

@mattab commented on May 18th 2009 Member

mauser did let me know that this plugin will be ported to the latest Piwik in the next few weeks. Stay tuned

@mattab commented on March 21st 2010 Member

This could be done in a 3rd party plugin but probably doesn't fit in core. Marking as won't fix for now.

This Issue was closed on March 21st 2010
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