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Hi There,
I've been reading about the setup and use of the Log Analytics feature. Is this feature really only meant to ingest Access Log like data? Is there a better forum that I should ask this question?..As this is'nt a bug.

I ask as I'm contemplating logging a number of events in my application and then have this custom log file ingested by Piwik. I just cant tell from the documentation if this is a bad idea or not.

We have a basic Apache hosting our content, and I'd like to tell Piwik about our basic click events, specific data requests in addition to the information Apache already collects in it's access and error logs.


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We would really like for Piwik to work for this use case, ie. importing custom data and analyse it within Piwik. Unfortunately the Log Analytics tool is currently designed to import access logs only. There is no tool yet that will do this automatically, but maybe such tools can be built?

what are your requirements and what would you like to achieve with custom log import & analytics?

@anonymous-piwik-user commented on January 21st 2014

Well, we were looking to be able to track user 'actions'. Currently Piwik assumes there's only link clicks or web site searches (that is outside of the '5' customizable variables). Ideally, we'd like something that would allow us to map records in a generic log file to be parsed into actions that could be collected and reported on.

I guess parsing a log is a workaround for being limited to only being able to track 5 customizable variables. If the API allowed for tracking a list of (0 to n number of) 'Actions' - this would be ideal.

I really like the Piwik product. Very much indeed. But this limitation of only 5 customizable variables is just a bit too limiting in what we would like to track in the UI. I do think that tracking clicks is a close match...but there's still other types of behaviors we'd like to watch and measure.

For now I'm stuck having to look into other products. However, I like Piwik enough that you have my hope the product continues to grow and I'll look to leverage Piwik.

All the best,


@mattab commented on January 21st 2014 Member

@Rob if you have some budget, we can customise Piwik to your needs via Piwik Support: http://piwik.org/support

A lot of the features added to Piwik are sponsored by customers like you, so maybe that's of interest if you really like Piwik!

More custom variables is covered in: #3810

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