@anonymous-piwik-user opened this Issue on December 2nd 2008

If there are more then 15 sites in piwik (and a user, for example the admin, is allowed to view them all), it is not possible to select all sites. the last sites are not selectable. because not all sites are being displayed in the selector.

this happens for example on the start page of piwik. on the vistor page all sites are selectable. because there is enough space.

(piwik is not customized, no new widgets or anything else)

this happens since version 0.2.26
Keywords: Website selector

@robocoder commented on December 28th 2008 Contributor

Attachment: Patch to specify wmode=opaque (needed for older browsers or versions of Flash player). For FF3, you'll need to install Flash Player 10.

@robocoder commented on December 9th 2008 Contributor

Can you attach screenshots of where this works and doesn't work on your piwik installation?

@robocoder commented on December 9th 2008 Contributor

Actually, I believe I see the problem now. You're referring to the bottom of the list not being selectable because these items are hidden behind a widget. This problem will also occur with the Language selector (dropdown list).

@anonymous-piwik-user commented on December 9th 2008

Yes. That is the problem.

@mattab commented on January 14th 2009 Member

fixed in [872] thanks for your patch! :)

This Issue was closed on August 14th 2009
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