@hpvd opened this Issue on January 9th 2014

#4457 talks about consistent font types.

To complete this we should look for consistent colours for fonts and buttons both -hover and -not hover too.
Please see attachments for examples

@hpvd commented on January 9th 2014
@hpvd commented on January 9th 2014
@hpvd commented on January 9th 2014
@mattab commented on January 10th 2014 Member

We don't want buttons for these actions, looks good as it is, cheers

@hpvd commented on January 10th 2014

sorry have to reopen...

this ticket is NOT about having buttons everywhere (doesn't make any sense...)

It's about making all already visible buttons looking the same (also when hover)
at the moment some have e.g. different colours on hover (see attachments: red and orange)

same with the already visible links: they use different types of blue colour etc...

maybe one could can search all colours in css and check if they are on the list with the "right colours" belonging to the design?

(the same procedure you may do for fonts...)

@rivadav commented on August 13th 2014

For clarity I suggest that for links we should apply 2 colors:

  • blue for most cases
  • red for critical actions like deleting an item

On hover state they should not change colour, but only be underlined.

screenshot 2014-08-13 12 31 30

With our graphic designer we also found a minor bug related to rendering the colour of fonts. There's an example of how the same colour (#1e93d1) looks in Piwik (top) and Piwik.org.
screenshot 2014-08-13 11 53 13

@mnapoli commented on June 12th 2015 Contributor

@mattab maybe we should close this issue, we have done some progress on this and there are issues opened about this anyway?

@mattab commented on June 16th 2015 Member

@mnapoli sounds good

@hpvd please create new issue if you have some design feedback / suggestion on 2.14.0 beta version :+1:

This Issue was closed on June 16th 2015
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