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boost development speed of great new features by crowd funding

One year ago we had very successful crowd funding campaigns to sponsor great new features like
the interactive maps: http://crowdfunding.piwik.org/analytics-maps-world-country-city-region/

Having such a campaign constantly e.g. every month would boost the speed of growth of great new features because of two additional effects:

  • more people who like piwik could get involved and help in the development- even the people who have no programmer skills - they simply can spend some mony <-It's marked as spam if you put in the missing e..
    (=>one spend their free time for programming others spend mony)
  • and with the result of such a campaign you got the possibility to buy additional workmanship from external source and reach more feature goals with this help

... having more features people like and need you got more piwik users - having more advanced Piwik users you could motivate more people to develop or crowd fund new features. Having more...

Deciding which are the most important/ most interesting features for the constantly growing Piwik community is the KEY for a successful sponsoring campaign
-but the community may help on this topic too...see #4236

so what do you think?

@mattab commented on January 3rd 2014 Owner

It's a nice idea to do more crowdfunding campaigns... we've learnt from previous campaigns is to be sure that we can deliver the feature after the funding campaign is done. For example Custom Alerts is still not done after so many months. Crowdfunding can be tricky in those cases. If there are Piwik developers (and/or core team members) who are willing to organize these projects, comment here!

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