@anonymous-piwik-user opened this Issue on December 31st 2013

With the release of Piwik 2.0 and the new piwik.org website, all of my previous ways to see Piwik updates stopped working:

  • The changelog has been moved out of the blog, which means that people following the blog won't get notified of updates now. The release of the 2.0 major version was additionally announced on the blog, but only one day afterwards. Minor versions since then weren't.
  • With the changelog being part of the blog, you could subscribe to an RSS fedd specifically for the "releases" category. Since the category is appears to be deleted now, http://piwik.org/blog/category/releases/feed/ just returns a 404 error and it's up to one's feedreader to even get notified of that.
  • In the new "Zeitgeist" theme, update notifications are not displayed on the "All Websites dashboard", but only after you select one site or e.g. go to settings. This means that just quickly checking the front page for anything important, something that was common for me before, also no longer works.

I assume that I'm not the only user with one of the mentioned workflows. This means that some people don't get notified of updates now, which might at some point lead to unintentionally old installations with unpatched vulnerabilities.

@mattab commented on January 3rd 2014 Owner
  • New changelog feed url is: http://piwik.org/changelog/feed/
  • I'll setup a redirect for the old URL.
  • by design we chose to remove the "About Piwik" box from the All websites dashboard to keep it more streamlined.

Users may signup to newsletter to be notified of major new versions, or to the blog RSS feed: http://piwik.org/blog/feed/

@mattab commented on January 3rd 2014 Owner

In 58fced78efa24c240d551a0a0298420109bb5256: Adding back the Infobox on the All websites dashboard Refs #4464
Thanks for the suggestion!

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