@hpvd opened this Issue on December 29th 2013

When Ecommerce is enabled, in Goals Overview report:

  • Add clean labelling of ecommerce VS normal goal


1) clarification of the used syntax:

there are

  • "conversions of defined goals"
  • "conversions of ecommerce goal"
    and both together may be named
    "total conversions"

3) adding the headlines:

  • total conversion
  • ecommerce

4) giving the info how many conversion the overall ecommerce revenue contains

5) showing at load in the graph the total conversions

@hpvd commented on December 29th 2013
@mattab commented on December 31st 2013 Member

I can confirm that we do not want "ecommerce" stats in the Goals Overview. This makes more sense IMO to keep ecommerce only to the Ecommerce menu.

Therefore can you update ticket description with your proposed steps?

@tsteur commented on January 23rd 2016 Member

Can we close this one since they are separated now?

@mattab commented on January 27th 2016 Member
This Issue was closed on January 27th 2016
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