@hpvd opened this Issue on December 22nd 2013

There is a function which can delete "old logs".

1) In general:
The description what is happening here is not that clear if you wasn't involved in the programming of this feature and if you do not know the exact database structure.

(only can see the german description)

2) what are "old" logs which will be deleted?
=> Could we give a date/age??

all logs before 01.12.2013?
older than 4 weeks?

3) what means periodic deleting of reports?
=> could we mention the period?
e.g. every month?

@mattab commented on December 26th 2013 Owner

Can you quote the English version? I cannot change German translations and they should be directly inspired from english. So if there is a problem in english let's fix it but let me know your suggestions...

@tassoman commented on March 27th 2014 Contributor

I think he's pointing at PrivacyManager module and privacySettings action page.

In that page there's option to automatically delete old visitors log (logs DB tables) and reports (blob and *_numeric tables).

In Italian translations and in English also isn't clear how much regularly deletions will happen.

Would be good having an option that sets how much deeper deletion would be? I'm wondering about a select widget numerating how many months to keep. For example keeping 24 months of logs/reports, would delete tables older than 2 years ago.

@tassoman commented on March 27th 2014 Contributor

Errr.... Ok this functionality is already in, but was invisible due to "no" radio button was checked. All the useful options appeared clicking "yes" to "Regularly delete old reports from the database".

Sorry for reopening ticket, now I can't close by myself, it could be closed asap.

This Issue was closed on March 28th 2014
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