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This is a suggestion for the metrics pick, as shown on the Referrers/Overview report.

Initially, the graph shows "Direct Entry (Visits)" (i.e. the number of direct entries) and "Total (Visits)" (i.e. the total number of visits). In the metrics picker, you can choose the records to plot, including direct entries. But there is no item for the total.

This leads to two problems:

  • When the picker is opened for the first time, a user tries to map the visible lines in the graph to the selected ticks in the picker. Since the "Total (Visits)" line has no tick in the picker, the mapping is not possible and the chances are high that the user will misunderstand the report. This happened to me as well.
  • When the plotted series are chaged (e.g. by adding another record or another metric), the "Total (Visits)" line is gone an cannot be activated. For example, it is impossible to plot "Search Engines (Visits)" and "Total (Visits)" in one graph.

I suggest to add "Total" to the records to plot. Initially, the graph is shown as currently but in the picker, "Visits" is ticked under "Metrics to plot" and both "Direct Entry" and "Total" are ticked under "Records to plot".

This way, the picker reflects the initial state of the graph. Further, the data for "Total" can be used to compare it to other referrer types. Both problems mentioned above would be solved.

@BeezyT commented on January 17th 2014 Member

piwik 1.12.png

@BeezyT commented on January 17th 2014 Member

piwik 2.0.png

@mattab commented on December 16th 2013 Member

Thanks for the report Timo!

@BeezyT commented on January 17th 2014 Member

In the mean time, i noticed that the "total" selection used to be there in 1.12 - see screenshots.

@tsteur commented on January 24th 2014 Member

In 18cb11c612291b4422c30b0a72d5b41bed386f73: fixes #4375 fix total is not available in records to plot if enabled

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