@hpvd opened this Issue on December 8th 2013

After activation the great new morpheus theme, there are two active (=green) themes in the list.
This behaviour is a little confusing on the first moment.
please see attachment.

Zeitgeist theme seem to be the base and is always active, but maybe one should use a (slightly) different background colour for this "always active" base theme?

@hpvd commented on December 8th 2013
@anonymous-piwik-user commented on December 9th 2013

Green admin.png

@anonymous-piwik-user commented on December 9th 2013

White admin.png

@mattab commented on December 9th 2013 Member

Here are my thoughts.

Plugins listing looks like: http://builds-artifacts.piwik.org/ui-tests.master/1050.1/processed-ui-screenshots/Morpheus/UIIntegrationTest_admin_plugins.png

  • Remove the alternate coloring background
  • Background coloring indicates status: grey for inactive plugins/thenes, white for enabled ones.
  • the DBStats description should be displayed
  • Below the plugin /theme description, display:
    • on the left the Author name,
    • on the right the license
    • if defined, also display "Visit plugin site" linking to 'homepage' - The url to the plugin's homepage from plugin metadata.
    • maybe in a different color or a smaller size (since often the same info)
  • Make the uninstall link red color
  • On hover, do not "tr" background to white color

see also Theme listing:

@anonymous-piwik-user commented on December 9th 2013

Hopefully the visuals will aid in the decision.

@diosmosis commented on December 10th 2013 Member

In 02948960cd5ca0e4aafd4a6f7eb34f71f51de48d: Refs #4367, use different colors for inactive plugins, do not change color on mouse over and rename plugin settings menu item.

@diosmosis commented on December 10th 2013 Member

In 1fdee35125af5d5ebaafad135826c3b5e9ec37d3: Refs #4367, load translation for plugins before loading in plugins/themes admin.

@diosmosis commented on December 10th 2013 Member

In 382813dbb7457f06f932bffdb8f6d50fbd1c7f63: Refs #4367, add more links to plugins page, improve page styles and make styles work w/ morpheus.

@diosmosis commented on December 10th 2013 Member

In 1d47ddeeaeb7813e68f7d4973802ee7176855dd8: Fixes #4367, remove version column and move version to name column and make version strings consistent in plugins admin.

This Issue was closed on December 10th 2013
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