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To make it easier for developers who like to write tests, we have created a console command tool that generates tests skeletons for plugins.

Let's augment this tool so it can also generates Integration tests for Plugins, including the fixtures.

With this tests generator tool, developers will be more likely to create tests for their plugins, which will result in improved Plugins quality overall.

You can generate tests with :

$ ./console tests:generate

You can the run tests for any plugin (here ExamplePlugin) with:

$ ./console tests:run ExamplePlugin

@mattab commented on November 26th 2013 Member

In ffa853f803f06b0dcc6e74a2823b6e505944ca1f: Refs #4341 Adding Example integration test with very basic fixture and expected/* files

@mattab commented on November 26th 2013 Member

In c6737b5f58774ae0765e67d22d2a645da98d810b: Fixes #4341 Updating command to generate integration test, including its fixture and expected/ processed/ folders. This will make it trivial to add skeleton for integration tests in plugins, FTW!

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