@anonymous-piwik-user opened this Issue on November 21st 2013

In 2.0-b8 piwik.js in the root directory is not minified.

@mattab commented on November 21st 2013 Member

I checked and it was minified for me? in js/ folder however it appears readable.

@anonymous-piwik-user commented on January 15th 2014

Could you please re-open this bug? The last change of js/piwik.js was:

$ git log -1 js/piwik.js
commit 06ac8c09501de7a1f1259cd7623dbe9ec5996c49
Author: Thomas Steur <thomas.steur@...>
Date:   Mon Nov 25 20:55:24 2013 +0000

    refs <a href='/4225'>#4225</a> sort object to make sure we get the same test results on PhantomJS, Webkit and any other browser

Which is part of v2.0.3. However, the minified version was last commited about a month earlier, and does not contain the change above:

$ git log -1 piwik.js
commit fe4ee5dd88542796c29dd0a246eeb301f5488b3d
Author: mattab <matthieu.aubry@...>
Date:   Mon Oct 28 18:22:19 2013 +1300

    Fixes <a href='/4248'>#4248</a> this should help with making segments visitCount and daysSinceLastVisit more accurate!

Please notice that after having minified (as described in js/README.md) and deployed the piwik.js version from 06ac8c0, tracking stopped working for me.

@mattab commented on January 21st 2014 Member

In 4972d10361ba5f348d34dcf1652e3f4cf1063108: Fixes #4328 Add latest version of minified JS file

This Issue was closed on January 21st 2014
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