@halfdan opened this Issue on October 7th 2013 Member

The sparkline library that is used to render sparklines on the MultiWebsite Dashboard could be replaced by jquery.Sparklines.


This would mean we could get rid of the GD dependency and enhance the sparklines with additional information. We could also re-use the evolution data to render the sparklines on the MultiWebsite dashboard.

@sgiehl commented on October 7th 2013 Member

We need to keep in mind that it still needs to be possible to render those sparklines without javascript as they are shown in piwik mobile I think. Maybe the Imagegraph plugin should be able to handle that.

Btw. isn't there a posibillity to render sparklines with jqplot. Would be a better solution to use that instead of adding another external library.

@mattab commented on October 7th 2013 Owner

This lib looks awesome!

couple notes though:

  • We wouldn't get rid of GD since ImageGraphs uses GD to generate graphs for email reports and Piwik Mobile.
  • Stefan makes a good point that having GD version of sparklines is useful, since it could provide sparklines for email reports and Piwik mobile.
This Issue was closed on November 18th 2017
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