@DaSchTour opened this Issue on September 16th 2013 Contributor

Sometimes it would be great to analyse shorter time ranges then days. For example when I see a hugh wave of visitors at a certain hour I would like to know where the hunderts of visitors in this certain time range came from.

@airblag commented on July 11th 2019

My Matomo users are complaining about the same thing.
The website is changing very offen (it's a newspaper), and people building the main page need/want to know how visits of articles linked on the landing page are changing over small time, so they can decide to move things around.
The real-time view of visitors doesn't help that much for it.
Since the Data is already here, is there any performance issues about displaying it ?

@mattab Do you think it's something that could be achieved faster as a sponsored feature ?

@mattab commented on August 8th 2019 Member

Hi @airblag, could you maybe list here all the reports descriptions and what they show that you'd like to see and get?

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