@DaSchTour opened this Issue on August 26th 2013 Contributor

video.search.yahoo.co.jp is not counted as a search engine
please add it there

@mattab commented on September 6th 2013 Member

In 8ebcb45c7ebde129c26a3d51fd3b16c072f9533f: Merge pull request #103 from DaSchTour/patch-1

Fixes #4098, kuddos DaSchTour

@anonymous-matomo-user commented on November 17th 2013

"Yahoo! Japan" is not "Yahoo!". The search engine of Yahoo! Japan is Google.

@anonymous-matomo-user commented on November 17th 2013

For my :

         // Yahoo Japan
        'search.yahoo.co.jp'             => array('Yahoo! Japan',        'p', 'search?p={k}'),
        'video.search.yahoo.co.jp'       => array('Yahoo! Japan Videos', 'p', 'search?p={k}'),
        'image.search.yahoo.co.jp'       => array('Yahoo! Japan Images', 'p', 'search?p={k}'),
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