@wmakley opened this Issue on August 8th 2013

After a fresh install of Piwik 1.12, I deleted my first site, and now I get an error every time I log in unless I manually change the site ID in the query string:

The requested website id = 1 (or its property timezone) couldn't be found

@mattab commented on August 9th 2013 Member

Piwik shouldnt let you delete the site from UI. If you deleted from the DB, then it's normal you get error message. Simply re-create in DB.

@wmakley commented on August 9th 2013

That's how I deleted it - from the UI.

@mattab commented on September 7th 2013 Member

Can you reproduce this problem in 1.12 ? when I have only one website I cannot delete it from the UI (we prevent this so the user doesnt break her piwik).

This Issue was closed on September 7th 2013
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