@BeezyT opened this Issue on June 13th 2013 Member

In Piwik_PDFReports_API.generateReport, $_GET['filter_truncate'] is set to self::REPORT_TRUNCATE = 23.

The comment is:

the report will be rendered with the first 23 rows and will aggregate other rows in a summary row
23 rows table fits in one portrait page

There are two problems with this

  • People might want more than 23 rows in their PDF reports
  • The truncation in not necessary when rendering a HTML report or a portrait page
@BeezyT commented on June 13th 2013 Member

In 668111b7897b1855f1137e5d1ec1d3beee7d95f7: refs #4009 making the number of rows after which the PDFReports plugin truncates configurable.

this does not fix the ticket since it still would be nice if the truncation would be a little more intelligent. i.e. using different values for landscape / portrait and/or not truncating at all in HTML view.

julien, if you disagree, feel free to close the ticket. it's just a suggestion and i fixed the part that caused trouble for me so i'm fine either way.

@mattab commented on August 9th 2013 Member

Narrowing scope, it's fixed!

This Issue was closed on August 9th 2013
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