@Amenel opened this Issue on May 31st 2013

In version 1.12, the Pause and Play buttons as well as "View detailed visitor log" appear as a footer. The problem is that newer visits are above the stack and when there's a network glitch, one needs to scroll down to the bottom of the widget (to click "Play") and then return to the top to see the result of that action.

Please move the "action bar" at the top of the widget. This can be done by editing plugins/Live/templates/index.tpl:
move the <div class="visitsLiveFooter"> a few lines higher, right above {include file="Live/templates/totalVisits.tpl"}


@Amenel commented on May 31st 2013

Attachment: Screen capture
Piwik-Live widget action bar as header.png

@mattab commented on June 3rd 2013 Member

Moving action bar to the top is not desired (since this action bar is not really used, this would lead to UI clutter)

@Amenel commented on June 3rd 2013

Well then, if it's not used, what is it doing there in the first place? In my book, putting and keeping reportedly unused elements in the UI is more UI clutter than moving already present elements to a place where they are more useful to those rare users who happen to use them.

I don't see UI clutter in the screen capture I've attached to the ticket.

Moreover, I use that bar every day and I can't see how anyone who happens to roam between a few networks can come to never using it.

This Issue was closed on June 3rd 2013
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