@mainboarder opened this Issue on May 31st 2013

If you activate 3 metrics in the visits over time graph, itll fail to load.
I activated visits, bounce rate and avg time on website.

I can find this error on 2 installations from me and the piwik demo.

I use windows 7 and the latest chrome version.
Keywords: graph

@mainboarder commented on May 31st 2013

Attachment: screenshot of demo

@mainboarder commented on May 31st 2013

It doesnt matter which php version you use (tested with 5.2 and 5.3).
Dunno which version demo.piwik.org runs.

@diosmosis commented on June 4th 2013 Member

Fixed in 1.X branch by merging [changeset:056659928c2a6014593d845385c4ad4b9bb690f6].

@mattab commented on September 16th 2013 Member

Moving 1.x closed tickets to 2.0

This Issue was closed on September 16th 2013
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