@hpvd opened this Issue on May 30th 2013

It would be very handy to have also in piwik the possibility to directly use a deeplink "through" the BE login page.

for pointing colleagues or customers to a special statistic (page)

To that there should be a redirection path like this:
deeplink => Login Page => log in => restored deeplink

since it is implemented in several softwares e.g. Magento it should be possible somehow.

A further enhancement would be to show the "direct acess" url for direct copying and sending to colleagues or customers on pages like the saved segment filters. Like youtube does for their videos...
(should I open a second ticket for this?)

@mattab commented on June 3rd 2013 Owner

Could you please give an exact use case of such feature? I don't understand from your description, thanks!

@hpvd commented on June 3rd 2013

Hi Matt

thanks for your answer.

I have got two use case in mind
-both appear when you work in a team where
a) not everyone have/need to have experience in using Piwik or
b) uses Piwik only sporadically e.g. 1 times a month...

1 case:
You want to show a college something that happened/changed during the last week with the visitor behaviour on you site:
so you just take the desired statistic, filter it when necessary and send a link to your college so he can have a look on it.
If you send a link instead of a screen shot -the college can follow he changes also on the following days.

2 case:
Imagine you are a shop owner and your team regularly should have a look on some statistic data. Because there are lots of people who have different jobs and they look in the statistic maybe one time a month they forgot the exact place/path where to look - or they simply forgot to look.

=> for these guys you can store some static links to the desired statistic directly in their working space e.g. the shop backend:
so they only have to click and are at the right place :-)

Is it a little more understandable now?

Best regards


@hpvd commented on June 3rd 2013

uuups I think I know what went wrong with my description/ the understandability

Of course I mean in The headline/topic: "redirecting after LOGIN, to the original target"
(and not after LOGOUT)

@hpvd commented on March 24th 2015

hmm am I the only one who could uses such a feature several times a week?
(see use-cases above)

@mattab commented on March 24th 2015 Owner

Hi @hpvd does it work maybe in 2.12.0? #7432 Make direct links work even if login is required [by @sgiehl]

@hpvd commented on March 24th 2015

aaaaahhh yes!!! First tests are positive!! seem to work with latest piwik. Thank you!
What a fortunate coincidence that I've posted here again 9 days after fix. Thanks for pointing me to this!
Without I would have probably waited forever...

@mattab commented on March 24th 2015 Owner


This Issue was closed on March 24th 2015
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