@mattab opened this Issue on May 30th 2013 Member

In Piwik 1.12 we added the DevicesDetection plugin to provide advanced user detection of mobile devices, tvs, consoles, brands, models, Operating systems versions, etc. The code is still beta and we know covers only 50-80% of all devices.

Now that this plugin works well, we note redundancy between DevicesDetection algorithm and UserSettings.

eg the Following reports are processed and displayed in both plugins:

  • Browsers report (and browser versions)
  • Operating System report (and OS versions)

Here is how to solve the redundancy and make code unified.



  • the Following UserSettings.* API will be redirected from UserSettings to their equivalent in DevicesDetection (to keep backward compatibility)
    • getOS
    • getOSFamily
    • getMobileVsDesktop (now loads DevicesDetection.getType )
    • getBrowserVersion
    • getBrowserType
    • getBrowser
  • Remove code processing of these reports from UserSettings/Archiver


  • Enable DevicesDetection by default (add new Update file to enable plugin).
    • Officially out of beta!

Tests & Backward compatibility

  • If users re-process reports from the "old logs" (when UserSettings alone was doing detection), do the reports processed by DevicesDetection using old data display OK ?
  • If users migrate to Piwik 2.0 and use DevicesDetection for the first time
    • We must ensure that old UserSettings blobs are renamed to DevicesDetection names (example). So that the UserSettings blobs are read and used by DevicesDetection API.


  • remove the current UserAgentParser code to simplify Tracker (in getUserSettingsInformation())
    • If DevicesDetection plugin is disabled, there will not be any browsers or OS detected

At the end of this ticket we will see:

  • UserSettings plugin will be simpler
  • DevicesDetection plugin becomes critical part of Piwik architecture (by providing browsers/os parsing exclusively)
  • Simplification of Tracker in core
  • Consistent reports (browsers/OS only displayed once as expected)
  • Keep backward compatibility in terms of API and also DevicesDection can read old UserSettings blob data.
    • Better detection accuracy for most users (since they will now use DevicesDetection)

See also: Help improve DevicesDetection plugin: see piwik/device-detector#4215

@mattab commented on July 31st 2013 Member

A bug was reported here: http://forum.piwik.org/read.php?2,105199,page=1#msg-105459

four new fields for the table log_visit have been introduced, one is called "config_os_version". In our intranet many user sessions are running under Citrix. The corresponding calculated value for this field is "Server 2003". With this value, the write operation goes wrong. The complete record is not written.
The call Piwik_Tracker getDatabase :: () -> query ($ sql, $ bind) in Visit.php is not coming back, the action is not counted!.
So 3,500 visitors per day with all actions are lost in our statistics. 
@peterbo commented on July 31st 2013 Contributor

The root cause of this bug is the VARCHAR(10) config_* fields and the reporter's MySQL-Server running in "strict mode".

Since the config_os_version string "Server 2003" is 11 chars in length, MySQL in standard config would just cut the string to "Server 200"; MySQL running in strict mode throws an error and stops script execution.

I reported the issue back to Clearcode and Pjotr is working on a fix; Which could just be raise the width of the config_* fields.

@sgiehl commented on September 6th 2013 Member

small note: As soon as that plugin is finished, we should also move the translations to the core file (to be consitent with all other plugins included in core)

@mattab commented on October 8th 2013 Member

The bug fields config_os_version and config_device_type are not large enough was fixed in #4203

@mattab commented on October 8th 2013 Member

Unit tests for the UserAgentEnhanced were added in: https://github.com/piwik/piwik/pull/115

@mattab commented on October 14th 2013 Member

Changing scope to: Move DevicesDetection out of beta and enabled by default.

@sgiehl commented on January 30th 2014 Member

In 3149eb80f6875b55dfe596f872eb0b82ed6d4b46: refs #3962 use UserAgentParserEnhanced instead of UserAgentParser to detect android & ios devices

@mattab commented on February 1st 2014 Member

Increasing priority as more people report issues in UserAgentParser. We need to clarify our vision to the community.

Btw random idea; Maybe it would be a good idea to make UserAgentParserEnhanced a separate open source project, hosted in the piwik family at github?

For this ticket though, the concept is to reomve completely UserAgentParser from codebase and remove completely the previous User Settings reports. This will be awesome and has been long overdue :)

If anyone wants to own this ticket, please go ahead, this would make a great different to cleaning up the last "pending migration" to our superb new & organised Piwik platform.

@sgiehl commented on February 1st 2014 Member

I'm currently writing a plugin, but when I'm done I could have a look at that task.

Moving the Useragentparser to a seperate repo sounds good. Would you create a repository and give me access. So we can move the required files there.

Btw. We need to merge my pull request regarding the devicedetection first! Do you have some time to have a look at it?

@mattab commented on February 4th 2014 Member

Great to hear you'd be interested to work on this! :) it will be such a good feeling to deprecate the old UserSettings code and keep things tidy. I'll update the ticket description later with some clarifications in the spec.

Re: repo
Maybe we should pick a good name for this library... maybe UserAgent-ParserAwesome ? not sure... I have done a quick search around, and as far as I can see, we will be the best User Agent parser library around... this is cool!

we will directly compete with other libs such as https://github.com/tobie/ua-parser or many others...

@mattab commented on February 7th 2014 Member

In d3a423d10a483a6f41835a4c863df7fd294c2d5c: Refs #3962 Removes undocumented feature of adding user agent column.

@mattab commented on April 8th 2014 Member

See #4965: Use new device-detector library in Piwik to detect browsers, systems,
devices, brands and model

@mattab commented on June 8th 2014 Member

In 6b28d410979f705638c62a8ee8847009675aeb23: Tweaking the Device detection titles. refs #3962
A nice creation by @sgiehl

@mattab commented on June 8th 2014 Member

The universal Device Detector library is now available as Free software and hosted on github here: https://github.com/piwik/device-detector

We will now work on closing this ticket and finishing the loop nicely!

@mattab commented on June 10th 2014 Member

see #5329 Enable DevicesDetection plugin by default

@mattab commented on June 17th 2014 Member

We migrated to Device detector V2 in this pull request: https://github.com/piwik/piwik/pull/305#event-132034705

Nice progress :)

@sgiehl commented on September 24th 2014 Member

I've started to implement browser engine detection in piwik/device-detector#5263
Currently the detection in Piwik still runs with the old UserAgentParser based on the browser name, which is very inaccurate. We need to switch that, and maybe save the browser engine in the log table aswell.

@mattab commented on November 26th 2014 Member

feedback after tests procedure done on demo2:

  • the "device type" report now shows all types even when they're 0, i think we can remove 0 visit row
  • UserSettings.getWideScreen widget was lost in the transition, it could redirect to the screen report
  • I checked UI test and they look legit changes, it should be green now
@sgiehl commented on November 26th 2014 Member

Hm, UserSettings.getWideScreen widget should have been replaced with UserSettings.getScreenType here
I changed the device type report to show all by default. That way it's easy to see what piwik is able to report and you can easily open a transition for any device type, even if there were no visits with it in the current period.

@mattab commented on November 26th 2014 Member

sorry wasnt clear, what I meant was that https://demo2.piwik.org/index.php?module=Widgetize&action=iframe&widget=1&moduleToWidgetize=UserSettings&actionToWidgetize=getWideScreen&idSite=1&period=day&date=yesterday&disableLink=1&widget=1&token_auth=xx returns Action 'getWideScreen' not found in the module 'UserSettings'. but BC should be redirected instead to new one

@mattab commented on November 26th 2014 Member

I changed the device type report to show all by default. That way it's easy to see what piwik is able to report and you can easily open a transition for any device type, even if there were no visits with it in the current period.

that's a good idea. could we find an icon for Smart display ?

@sgiehl commented on November 26th 2014 Member

I'll see if I can find an icon later

@sgiehl commented on November 27th 2014 Member

@mattab I'm currently thinking about removing the ScreenType report completely. The current implementation is not really accurate. See https://github.com/piwik/piwik/blob/master/plugins/UserSettings/functions.php#L55
I don't think that the screentype can be detected by the resolution in a good way. Even my smartphone has a bigger resolution than that what is detected as mobile right now.
What do you think?

@mattab commented on November 28th 2014 Member

@sgiehl Sounds good to kill this report. It was very low value and not correct anyway. It reminds me of this issue: #4663

@sgiehl commented on December 4th 2014 Member

@mattab Besides fixing the update script, is there anything still open to solve this issue?
I remember we discussed to remove UserSettings plugin completely. Should the remaining reports be simply moved to DevicesDetection plugin? Otherwise I guess we are done here.

@mattab commented on December 5th 2014 Member

Hi @sgiehl,

Regarding this issue, I think it is mostly done!

  • should we move UserSettings/images/browsers|os/* into DeviceDetection plugin?
  • make update script faster/ failsafe

Regarding next step: we can leave the UserSettings for now but maybe we can create an issue for the follow up task. Do you think it would make sense to:

  • move "Resolution" report to own plugin,
  • move "plugins tracking" to own plugin as well (maybe DevicePlugins?)
  • and move "Language report" to own plugin too.

(Kinda related to #6782)

@sgiehl commented on December 7th 2014 Member

I have thought about moving the images to DevicesDetection plugin. The reason why I haven't done it yet is that I wasn't sure if it might break any older reports containing those as external images or something like that. Do you think it should be save moving them?

Moving those stuff to own/other plugins sounds good. So creating new tickets should be fine.

@mattab commented on December 8th 2014 Member

+1 for moving images to proper plugin. Ideally all clients will use our
Reporting API or the Metadata API which includes the link to images /

@mattab commented on December 8th 2014 Member

Maybe could be worth mentioning in Developer changelog as "information"
in case it could help some users

@sgiehl commented on February 8th 2015 Member

All reports and API methods are moved now. Last remaining part is the page template showing the reports

@mattab commented on February 9th 2015 Member

Nice work @sgiehl - it would be nice to get it done in 2.11.0 and this would successfully conclude this project! :)

@sgiehl commented on February 9th 2015 Member

Hm. I'm not sure where to move the template displaying the various reports.
Should I move it to CoreHome and dynamically add the reports using an event or something like that?

@mattab commented on February 10th 2015 Member

Not sure how this should be solved but it seems good use case for the platform, to let plugins enrich existing reports with their data. ideally we would provide a nice API for plugins to compose report pages.

  • Maybe we could add events similar to http://developer.piwik.org/api-reference/events#controllermoduleaction but that would be for Twig templates, where other plugins could "append" string content to it?
  • maybe better idea could be to replace the current way of creating reports eg. in Usersettings $view->dataTableResolution = $this->renderReport(new GetResolution());. Maybe we could introduce a new object for "Composite reports" (eg. a page in Piwik made of several reports). This object would let plugins add or modify reports to it, setting order, maybe right/left column, etc.?


@sgiehl commented on February 11th 2015 Member

I'm not sure how to solve that best. Maybe we should reorganize the technical reports.

We currently have:

  • Devices
    • Device type
    • Device brand
    • Device model
    • Browser (Versions)
    • OS (Versions)
    • Browser engine
  • Visitor settings
    • Resolution
    • Configurations (OS / Browser / Resolution)
    • Browser plugins
    • Browser language

I don't think that this splitting makes much sense. Maybe something like that would fit more:

  • Devices
    • Device type
    • Device brand
    • Device model
  • Browser & Operating System
    • Browser (Versions)
    • OS (Versions)
    • Browser engine
    • Resolution
    • Browser plugins

I would maybe remove the Configurations completely or make it available as widget only. Not sure if that report is useful at all.
The browser language reports could be moved to location reports maybe, as it is more related there.

@mattab commented on February 15th 2015 Member

Maybe something like that would fit more:

maybe we could also move "Resolution" into "Devices" ?

Browser & Operating System

we need to find shorter name so it fits in the sub-menu... do you maybe have an idea?

I would maybe remove the Configurations completely or make it available as widget only. Not sure if that report is useful at all.

it's a useful report, some users have mentioned using it before (in the forums and in the tracker). Although maybe we could move this feature into a plugin that would be on the Marketplace rather than in core?

The browser language reports could be moved to location reports maybe, as it is more related there.


@mattab commented on February 16th 2015 Member

Hi @sgiehl the UserSettings plugin looks now quite "deprecated" and almost empty. maybe we close this issue and create smaller follow up issue?

@sgiehl commented on February 16th 2015 Member

Yes. Let's create follow ups.

This Issue was closed on February 16th 2015
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