@mattab opened this Issue on May 30th 2013 Member

Follow up of: #3612

Useful to create segment such as "Is Mobile Visitor" (smartphone OR feature phone OR tablet)

The available segments as of 1.12 are: desktop, smartphone, tablet, feature phone, console, tv, car browser

NOTE: you need to enable DevicesDetection plugin for this

@mattab commented on May 30th 2013 Member

In 3d222f3b7335e33aaff59531d41e240e462bbaf6: fixes #3961 Adding new segment deviceType

@anonymous-matomo-user commented on May 31st 2013

Matt just installed latest piwik and took a look at the device tab... looks great I like how it will be possible to add models. great work!!!

I have noticed one thing though.

I did a pages report on a recently viewed page. I then did a segment creation by device and specified a found result. The segment was saved, but I got no results for it. Even though there is one.

Also when using the segment editor I could have a series of results but i have only

is not
does not contain

What if i wanted to show all results? is there a trick to show all or would it be prudent to add a "show all" option in the pop up?

@mattab commented on October 8th 2013 Member

Just fixed a bug related to this segment (fixed in 2.0) #3989: Segmenting on DeviceType doesn't seem to work

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