@gka opened this Issue on May 21st 2013 Member

I just spend a few days in holidays and had an idea how to improve the email reports. The problem I had was that my internet connection was really slow and I didn't want to download the 600K PDF document.

However, as I already read the email I thought it would have been nice to get at least some information out of it.

Right now the emails we attach the PDF reports to look like this:


Please find in attached file your weekly report for Website piwik.org.

Instead of this rather useless text we could as well include some interesting facts in it, such as:


In the week from 13 May to 19 May, the website piwik.org has been visited 27.8k times (+12% compared to last week). Most of the visitors (21%) came from Germany, followed by United States (15%) and France (6%). 55% of the visitors spent less than 10 seconds on piwik.org.

You earned 620 with 1240 conversions of the goal Download Piwik (conversion rate 4.45%).

If you want to get more information, take a look at the awesome PDF report we attached to this email.

Yours sincerely,


@mattab commented on May 23rd 2013 Member

Great idea!

we have some aspects of this in Ecommerce>Overview (showing % evolution), Goals>Overview + per-goal overview (showing top 3 countries, keywords, in a sentence etc.).

Having this in the Scheduled reports would be nice! Also this widget in the dashboard could indicate all what has changed since the last time we connected to Piwik, would be very nice to have.

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