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AS part of #2135 I discovered the joy of inconsistencies between browsers (Firefox decodes URL hash, while others don't) and inconsistencies in PHP (_GET is URL decoded by default, so we can use _SERVER[QUERY_STRING] to access raw value.

To prevent further problems in the future and keep other devs from experiencing my pain, I'd like to change the codebase so that no one uses _GET or _POST directly but always ask a helper method.

@mattab commented on May 12th 2013 Member

In 263892f231da5f6e998342aef02f33aa7edf8622: Refs #2135

  • NAILED the encoding! wow that was tough for my brain, but finally got around it.

    Some findings:
    _GET is automatically URL decoded
    QUERY_STRING contains raw URL so we'll use this one instead
    I REALLY want to simplify the whole "_GET" variables within Piwik so that all code uses a static method to get input variables. Refs #3931

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