@mbresch-sf opened this Issue on May 7th 2013

TYPO3 uses %5B and %5D instead of [ and ] in internal links. In pages and transition piwik translate %5B and %5D fine. But in overlays this substitution does not exist.

In urlnormalizer.js at line 194 I add the following two lines of code which solves the problem for me. But I am not familiar with piwik development so please check this is the right way to fix this issue.

url = url.replace(/%5B/gi, '[');
url = url.replace(/%5D/gi, ']');

@mattab commented on May 14th 2013 Member

Thanks for the report!

@mattab commented on February 6th 2014 Member

@mbresch are you still using this patch, and is it fixing the Overlay issue for you in Piwik 2?

@mbresch-sf commented on February 26th 2014

Hi Matt,
sorry for my late reply!

This patch is working in Piwik 2.0.3 pretty well!!! I still using this patch and it is working for me. Yes


@mattab commented on April 27th 2014 Member

Moving bugs to our current milestone to make the backlog more realistic.

This Issue was closed on April 9th 2015
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