@anonymous-piwik-user opened this Issue on April 26th 2013

Plugin DatabaseCleaner

If you want to delete an obsolete website from your Piwik-installation or you want to drop already processed log_* entries from your database - but you also want to archive those data for later usage - this plugin does the job ;-)


  • extract "old" and already processed raw-log entries (stored in the log_*-tables) to the filesystem
  • archive and delete a selected WebSite
  • create mysqldump-scripts
  • easy GUI frontend to execute the maintenance tasks
  • backup parts of your piwik database online without the need of phpmyadmin et. al.


Latest version is available from online repository:


Keywords: mysql, third-party-plugin

@anonymous-piwik-user commented on July 8th 2013

there is a new version available

  • upgrade to Piwik 1.12.0
  • automatically adjusting runtime settings (exec time/memory usage) with profiling
  • minor bugfixes


@anonymous-piwik-user commented on November 18th 2013

there is a new version available for Piwik Version 2


@mattab commented on February 6th 2014 Member

Maybe you have some ideas to improve our existing Db cleanup tools ?

In general we are thinking of ways to handle past datas, but I don't think dumping to disk is preferred solution. Maybe dumping to "archive tables" instead? this way the data could be still used by mysql. Anyway, that's interesting to think of ways to make Piwik more reliable and easier to manage database.

This Issue was closed on February 6th 2014
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