@sitonerd opened this Issue on October 16th 2008


if called with any kind of site profile ( admin|view ) the call will put back :

Error: You can't access this resource as it requires a 'view' access for the website id = X.

Tryed with admin and view access level but always the same. In the stable release this problem is not present.

The problem is present not only for "unprivileged" site users but also for the "super" ADMIN.

Keywords: export, VisitorInterest.getNumberOfVisitsPerVisitDuration, CSV, JSON, PHP, XML

@mattab commented on October 29th 2008 Member

Thx for report, this has been fixed in SVN.
problem was that the token_auth wasn't forwarded in the URL.
now the token_auth is automatically added when clicking on the footer icons.

in svn [659], soon to be pushed as new release

This Issue was closed on August 18th 2009
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