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Row Evolution is an awesome feature of Piwik. This ticket is about adding support for Goals and Ecommerce reporting within Row evolution.


Goals are a key report that users will want to know about historically. There is huge value in reporting metrics of "Goal Revenue, Ecommerce revenue" and then per Goal metrics: "Goal %s revenue", "%s conversions", conversation rate for 1 or all goals, over time, for any given report with Goal metrics.

Example use case: "compare the ecommerce revenue for the top 4 search keywords or entry Pages over time".


  • show the Goal metrics in Evolution report, when a &viewDataTable=tableGoals is displayed. The user is analyzing Goals so Row evolution could report "Visits + Page Views + all other Goal metrics.
  • note: we can't display all goal metrics in the row evolution report: for example if there are 5 goals, that's already 10+ metrics. Instead we display by default Visits + Pageviews + Revenue + Conversions + Conversion rate across all goals.
    • Later maybe we could even pre-default the Goal being displayed to the 'Currently goal sorted column' in the datatable prior to Row Evolution popover
    • A new metrics picker SELECT element allows to select another Goal, or "All Goals".
  • When a different Goal is selected, "Loading data..." is shown next to selector and the report for that selected goal is then displayed.
    • the current metric picker will be extended with Conversions, Conversion rate, Revenue.

With this new "Goal selector", a user can see the evolution of "Conversion rates" for specific keyword of website partners. Common use case: Multi-Row-Evolution plot the custom variables values for "userType" custom variable, then select "Goal #2" and "Metric: Revenue" and you can see revenue per user type, over time, Nice!

@mattab commented on March 3rd 2019 Member

It's quite limiting not to be able to view conversion metrics in Row Evolution. For example, it would be very valuable to see "Conversion rate" and "conversions" over time, for a particular Campaign name, for a particular goal. Currently, the row evolution popover doesn't let us see any of the goal metrics:
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