@anonymous-piwik-user opened this Issue on March 22nd 2013

Plugin Marketplace

this plugin provides access to the plugin marketplace http://plugin.suenkel.org
with community contributed plugins


More info: http://plugin.suenkel.org/blog/


  • Download the latest version of PluginMarketplace from http://plugin.suenkel.org
  • Extract the zip-file to your piwik/plugins folder
  • Activate the plugin in the Piwik admin panel: Settings->Plugins->Install
  • Browse/install/update/download the currently available plugins

    Developer features

  • developer-api available to publish your plugin
  • github synchronization available
  • support plugin.json and markdown description
  • basic sandbox-tests for all plugins
  • phpunit/xhprof/selenium2 tested with jenkins-ci

Keywords: marketplace, autoinstaller, third-party-plugin

@mattab commented on March 23rd 2013 Member

Thanks @csuenkel2 for this work! At this stage we have discussed in the team and decided to go ahead and build a simplistic plugins.piwik.org Rest API + UI.

We will use most likely php slim framework and have to improve "Manage Plugins" Piwik capabilities (ie. install from URL, upload ZIP, check for plugin updates, update all plugins, install plugin from the marketplace).

Therefore we won't go ahead with your project but we appreciate the effort and direction and it is inspiring.

  • Could you please close the website at plugin.suenkel.org, otherwise it looks official and users might be confused.


@mattab commented on July 15th 2013 Member

The new Piwik Marketplace is discussed this ticket: #4053 and will be released soon!

@mattab commented on August 12th 2013 Member

Plugin Marketplace and Theme marketplace discussed in the ticket #4053

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