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A simple plugin that deletes all of the folders inside of /tmp. Only appears for SuperUser in the top menu. Useful for when you're developing new plugins to make sure you're seeing the most recent version of everything.

It does a simple check of the $_SERVER['OS'] variable to determine which remove command to run. It was developed on windows hosting, so please test and let me know if the deletion script needs to change for linux/other hosting platforms besides apache.

Also, it doesn't take you to a page, it just clears the cache and sends you right back to where you were when you clicked the link, so if you don't get an error, that means it worked.
Keywords: clear, cache, third-party-plugin

@JohnDeery commented on March 15th 2013

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@halfdan commented on March 16th 2013 Member

Hi John,
thank you for the submission. Quick code review:

  • Language file cannot be loaded since the directory must be named in lower case. (lang instead of Lang)
  • You might want to remove the commented code in Controller.php
  • There is a "_notes" folder in the .zip, not sure what it is for.

Since we moved to Github it would be great if you could publish your plugin there. This might encourage people to contribute.

@JohnDeery commented on March 16th 2013

Thanks for the comments/tips. I changed the language folder, removed the commented code and the _notes folder... Dreamweaver stuff, gone.

I'm in the process of adding the files to GitHub.

@JohnDeery commented on May 9th 2013
@mattab commented on February 6th 2014 Owner

Along with the Piwik 2.0 release and new design for Piwik, we have also launched the official Plugins Marketplace to let any developer share their work to the thousands of Piwik users worldwide.

Maybe you'd like to publish your plugin there?

In any case, keep up the good work! Cheers.

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