@anonymous-piwik-user opened this Issue on March 15th 2013

Seems that custom period should is only metric that should be processed independently (regardless browser triggering is on/off)

In global.ini.php we can disable browser archiving for everything except custom period, what seems to be expected behavior (as custom period needs to be archived somehow)

The only time that the browser will still trigger archiving is when requesting a custom date range that is not pre-processed yet

In current version (1.10 and 1.11 - not sure how it worked earlier) after disabling browser archiving (high traffic page - we're using archive scripts to compute data) i had problems with getting correct results for periods

[2013-03-15 15:29:38] [35d4e34d] [13.66 Mb] * ARCHIVING DISABLED, for Preparing archive: range(From 2013-03-12 to 2013-03-13), plugin VisitsSummary , Visits = <br/>

what shouldn't happen for period range.

In attachment patch that should solved this issue.

Keywords: range, custom period, browser trigger

@anonymous-piwik-user commented on March 15th 2013

Attachment: Piwik_ArchiveProcessing range fix

@zawadzinski commented on March 15th 2013 Contributor

We shall use $this->periodId to check which period we are dealing with (the request var may not be set)

@mattab commented on March 17th 2013 Member

In 03a6e97eef6b1a0d1b6909685624eae4b98eec56: Fixes #3833 adding check upstream. Thx for the report & patch, very nice bug to fix!

@peterbo commented on March 18th 2013 Contributor

In 5700b3702b03a11000a381815460f35907087610: Refs #3833 - Piwik_Period's toString method does not return the type of the Period and a "Array to String conversion" notice is triggered. So we use the getLabel accessor.

This Issue was closed on March 18th 2013
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