@robocoder opened this Issue on October 10th 2008 Contributor

There is at least one filter for Adblock Plus that attempts to block Piwik analytics. For example, easylist.adblockplus.org's Tracking Filter uses the regular expression: /piwik.js

This feature request is to:

1) provide an option to rename piwik.js to some less detectable filename (e.g., some site-specific random hash)
2) where the analytics code is presented (for cut & paste), substitute the alternate filename for piwik.js

@mattab commented on October 14th 2008 Member

Sorry this is not something we would like to do, because you can do it:

  • rename piwik.js in something else
  • change the piwik.js include in the javascript code by your new js filename.
@robocoder commented on October 14th 2008 Contributor

Ok. I'd also like to note that "piwik.js" filename is hardcoded into these files:

  • misc/testJavascriptTracker/page2.php
  • misc/testJavascriptTracker/index.php
  • modules/LogStats/javascriptTag.tpl
  • plugins/Home/templates/piwik_tag.tpl
This Issue was closed on August 18th 2009
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