@JohnDeery opened this Issue on March 12th 2013

While trying to import logs, I kept running across an error stating that the visit_total_time was out of range. Looking at the number trying to be inserted (65842) vs the column type (smallint, max of 65535), this is only 18.2 hours... crazy but some people might be on that long.

Changed the column to mediumint in my database to give a total of 16777215 (unsigned) seconds or 6.3 months
Keywords: out-of-bounds

@mattab commented on March 13th 2013 Member

In b4201236cfee91cb2742d06a4e876b53f737f28d: Fixes #3817 Capping visit_total_time

Thanks for the report!

PS: this visit is most likely a bot or browser with auto refresh

This Issue was closed on March 13th 2013
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