@anonymous-matomo-user opened this Issue on March 11th 2013

I have a site that converts in both USD (banners) and EUR (shop).

It would be useful to be able to track conversions in different currencies for a site.

@mattab commented on March 11th 2013 Member

It would be, but currency conversion would be tricky (we'd have to call webservice to know about currencies), which is do-able of course, but not priority at this stage.

@anonymous-matomo-user commented on March 11th 2013

It would be better to maintain several balances, one per currency. Currency conversion doesn't happen in realtime, it happens when funds are transferred from one account to another.

@mattab commented on March 14th 2019 Member

This was also reported in https://github.com/matomo-org/matomo/issues/11854

We have a fairly pressing need to be able to track the currency with an eCommerce order. We receive purchases in many currencies on the site and at the moment they are all recorded in the Piwik site currency which causes large discrepancies with the actual value of the orders. I appreciate that to reconcile the different currencies would require some kind of an exchange rate but this should at least be exposed for development of a plugin if not in the core Piwik code.

@itseoconsulting commented on January 1st 2020

Currently we implement a JS based workaround for Matomo only converting any shop currency into USD and firing eCommerce events to Matomo. Unfortunately it's not Matomo WooCommerce Plugin compatible :)

@uhlhosting commented on August 29th 2020

@mattab this cannot be lower for ever... Its a must for stores with multiple currencies, and these are many...

@andyodoo commented on January 14th 2021

is there is any update for this issue

@michaelr524 commented on August 14th 2021


@jarstelfox commented on January 7th 2022

Hey there! I have a possible idea.

Instead of currency conversion as mentioned by @mattab on https://github.com/matomo-org/matomo/issues/3812#issuecomment-48311037

Would it be possible to add a currency param to the API? i.e:

trackEcommerceCartUpdate( 100, 'USD' )
trackEcommerceCartUpdate( 100, 'EUR' )

This would help allow multiple currencies per site, but leave any currency conversion up to the implementor.

@atom-box commented on June 13th 2022

Customer asked for this in their commerce site:

"Our (clients) are always selling their tickets in more than 1 currency. "

"I saw on some forums that the recommendation would be to have 1 site per currency. " (This absolutely won't work for us.) "The concept of market is generally way more complex in this industry than having a .fr tracking in EUR and a .com tracking in USD."

"There are also some live system to convert the currency during the booking flow. Do you plan anytime to support multicurrency tracking ?"

@gorfo66 commented on October 17th 2022

Exact same need than atom-box.
Our company sells in various currencies. The concept of "1 site, 1 currency" is not sustainable. The company needs to be able to have an aggregated view of its sales no matter in which currency the products where purchased.

I can understand this is a fairly complex demand, but it is a must have for most of world wide companies.

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