@tsteur opened this Issue on February 27th 2013 Member

In new Piwik Mobile App I'd like to integrate a "Flatten" button. But "flatten" does not always makes sense, for instance in case of "VisitsSummary.get". I'd like to display the button only if a report "supports flatten". So, I need this information in metadata.

I've seen there's a (new?) flag "constantRowsCount". Maybe this can be used? Unfortunately, the flag is only set for reports like "VisitTime_getVisitInformationPerServerTime" but not for reports like "VisitsSummary_get".

The flag should be available in "API.getReportMetadata" as well as "API.getProcessedReport".

@mattab commented on March 3rd 2013 Member

Good point... we should ideally share the complete plugin customization/settings, not only flatten. Hopefully we can work on a better system before Piwik 2.0, so that the metadata could contain all the "View settings" as well as the existing data. This requires some refactoring. If you need "flatten" soon/before that, ping me here again when it's needed, thanks.

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