@claytondaley opened this Issue on February 16th 2013 Contributor


  • Start on your dashboard
  • Click a returning visitor icon in the "Visitors in Real-time" section
  • You are presented a screen listing all visits by that visitor
  • Click the Dashboard tab
  • The "&segment=visitorId==..." filter persists in the URL, causing the dashboard to display only information about that single viewer
  • However, I don't see a place in the UI that indicates that the report is being filtered nor a way to clear that filter.

In general, clicking the dashboard tab should probably reset the segmeng filter. If it doesn't, there needs to be a UI element (similar to the "Website" box) that shows the filter currently applied and permits you to remove (or change) it.

@claytondaley commented on February 16th 2013 Contributor

I do see that the date range persists across screens (both the actual range and the UI element) so the "filters" or "segments" UI element might be added in that part of the screen instead of the website area.

@mattab commented on February 21st 2013 Member

Thanks for the report. you are correct this is a bug. We wont fix it because 1) we will rework the whole thing 2) we are adding custom segment editor which will display the segment http://crowdfunding.piwik.org/custom-segments-editor/

so these will fix the bug (just will take a few weeks)

This Issue was closed on February 21st 2013
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