@anonymous-piwik-user opened this Issue on February 16th 2013

Some distributions like Arch have /usr/bin/python point to python3, not Python 2.x. Even more popular distributions are transitioning to do the same thing. Currently, the import-logs.py script does not work under Python 3. As such, either it should be updated to support Python 3, either its shebang line should be changed to #!/usr/bin/python2 instead of assuming that /usr/bin/python is Python 2.x.
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@mattab commented on March 3rd 2013 Member

sounds like a very good idea to make it python 3 compatible. Please send pull request if you manage this (btw is it possible to keep compatibility with Python 2.6?)

@toholdaquill commented on December 4th 2014

This issue blocks the use of the log-analytics script over HTTPS on Gandi, whose SNI config requires python 3.2+.

Since I don't want to expose my logs over a cleartext connection, that means I can't use the log-analytics script. :(

Here is what Gandi support told me:

But here is the problem. When executing the script import_log.py with python 3.2 a syntax error is returned as you can see it below:

$ ./import_logs.py --url=https://piwik.rimk.me/ ~/var/log/apache/access.log --debug

File "import_logs.py", line 562
except Piwik.Error, e:
SyntaxError: invalid syntax

@mattab commented on December 5th 2014 Member

Hi @JMPorup AFAIK it's not possible for script to support both Python 2 and python 3 unfortunately, and we must support Python 2.x still

@toholdaquill commented on December 5th 2014

@mattab how much work is it to update the script to python 3? Perhaps fork the log-analytics script into log-analytics-python2 and log-analytics-python3 ?

@mattab commented on December 7th 2014 Member

@JMPorup no idea...

@toholdaquill commented on December 7th 2014

@mattab Would you please consider looking into it? This is a major showstopping bug for me, and no doubt for many others as well. As it is, Gandi no longer recommends Piwik to their users because of this bug!

@mattab commented on December 7th 2014 Member

@JMPorup sorry, we can't. we don't have enough resources.

@mattab commented on March 12th 2015 Member

Issue was moved to the new repository for Piwik Log Analytics: https://github.com/piwik/piwik-log-analytics/issues

refs #7163

This Issue was closed on March 12th 2015
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