@robocoder opened this Issue on February 10th 2013 Contributor


  • stripping piwik.php from URL: won't handle the js/index.php proxy
  • protocol stripper won't handle a tracked page that was viewed offline (file:)


  • ditto on stripping piwik.php from URL
@mattab commented on March 11th 2013 Member

In dc18d7b1bc6fed2716893cf1ac69c3a18fa34897: refs #3747 refactoring logic

@mattab commented on February 13th 2020 Member

Thanks for contributing to this issue. As it has been a few months since the last activity and we believe this is likely not an issue anymore, we will now close this. If that's not the case, please do feel free to either reopen this issue or open a new one. We will gladly take a look again!

This Issue was closed on February 13th 2020
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