@anonymous-matomo-user opened this Issue on February 7th 2013

I have set up a user on a dashboard that contains 5 websites the user only has access to one website.
When the user sets up a scheduled email report the set up shows that they can report on only one website which is the one they have access to. when the report is selected to send the dashboard details and is sent straight away from the email schedule just set up, all is fine the only detail sent by email are the one website dashboard details and whatever other information has been requested for that site.
However when the SCHEDULED report is sent it shows the dashboard details all of the 5 sites on the MAIN DASHBOARD which this user does not have access to? and just the other details of their own website.
Why does the scheduled report contain dashboard information they should not see?

@anonymous-matomo-user commented on February 7th 2013
@mattab commented on February 7th 2013 Member

Please try again, creating a new report using the latest version as it's working for me. I close, but if you still experience this bug with a new report in 1.10.1 please reopen.

This Issue was closed on February 7th 2013
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