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Reported in: http://forum.piwik.org/read.php?2,99604,page=1#msg-99775

There are 8 mini-graphs under the main graph on the Ecommerce & Goals tab. 5 of those mini-graphs match a metric named under "Metrics to plot" of the main graph. Clicking any of those 5 mini-graphs causes the "Metrics to plot" of the main graph to change to the associated metric of the clicked mini-graph.

The 3 mini-graphs under the "Abandoned Carts" heading do not have an associated metric listed under "Metrics to plot" of the main graph. Because of this, clicking any of those 3 mini-graphs does not appropriately change the metric of the main graph.

@mattab commented on April 11th 2013 Member

fixed by @capedfuzz few weeks ago

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