@hpvd opened this Issue on January 17th 2013

2 small things would be very nice in settings/Setup automatic updates of GeoIP databases:

1) show the date+time of the last update
=> you can be sure the updater is working

2) a new Button "update now"
=> after setting the automatic up you can start directly
=> if there are some changes in the database you can import them directly on point of time you want
Keywords: GeoIP Auto-Updater, usability

@mattab commented on January 18th 2013 Member

Thanks for the report! we can restrict scope to 1) for now as it would really help indeed.

When updater hasnt run yet maybe we write "The updater has not been executed yet. You can configure it here if you wish." or similar. Otherwise code displaying the last time the "Logs" were deleted, can be refactored for this plugin.

@diosmosis commented on February 1st 2013 Member

(In [7832]) Refs #3680, added message w/ last time auto updater was run to GeoIP settings page.

@sgiehl commented on July 15th 2019 Member

The time of the last update is meanwhile displayed. To force a manual update it's possible to manually trigger the scheduled task. We likely won't add a update now button in the UI

This Issue was closed on July 15th 2019
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