@anonymous-matomo-user opened this Issue on January 15th 2013

Hi there,

i using piwik 1.10 .
I manually updated because the automatic update process failed.
I made a backup from config.ini.php.
Further i removed the whoe piwik directory and uploaded the lastest version of piwik. Copied the config.ini.php to the old location.
Now i started the Frontend i can login without a problem than logout an this error message is coming:

Notice: Undefined index: login_logout_url in piwik/plugins/Login/Controller.php on line 499

Backtrace -->
#0 Piwik_ErrorHandler(...) called at [/www/htdocs/w00e0d52/piwik/plugins/Login/Controller.php:499]
#1 Piwik_Login_Controller->logout(...) called at [:]
#2 call_user_func_array(...) called at [/www/htdocs/w00e0d52/piwik/core/FrontController.php:138]
#3 Piwik_FrontController->dispatch(...) called at [/www/htdocs/w00e0d52/piwik/index.php:53]

Keywords: Undefined index: login_logout_url

@anonymous-matomo-user commented on January 17th 2013

Updated to 1.10.1 and everything works fine!

This Issue was closed on January 17th 2013
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