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Hello all.
One of our customers has a requirement to redirect the user to a specific URL after s/he logs out.

After some research, we see that the destination is fixed to Piwik::redirectToModule('CoreHome'); within Piwik_Login_Controller.logout action in Login plugin.

First preliminary question: is this an interesting feature that could go into Piwik code-base?

If so, we'd like to change the code so that it can be suitable for submission.

One option would be to change that same method in Login plugin, and take advantage of a new configuration variable. The change in pseudo-code would be:

get value for configuration variable named "logout_redirect_URL"
if variable not found, or value empty then
   redirect to module CoreHome, as default
   redirect to URL specified in configuration

The second option would be to inherit a new plugin from Login, say ConfigurableLogin, and override just the logout method in the same proposed way.

Have you got any suggestion about it?

Thanks all
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@mattab commented on January 2nd 2013 Member

Add a FAQ

 * How do I configure the URL users are redirect to after logging out of Piwik?

By default when a user logs out of Piwik, he is redirected to Piwik "homepage" which is usually the Login form. You can also specify the URL to redirect the users to in your config file and overwrite the default Piwik behavior. 

For example, to redirect all your users to example.org after logout, edit your file config/config.ini.php and under the [General] section add the following line: 

<pre>login_logout_url = http://example.org</pre>
@mattab commented on January 2nd 2013 Member

(In [7711]) Refs #3637 adding new feature thx EricCG for patch + suggestion!
; By default when user logs out he is redirected to Piwik "homepage" usually the Login form.
; Uncomment the next line to set a URL to redirect the user to after he logs out of Piwik.
; login_logout_url = http://...

@BrainCrumbz commented on January 4th 2013

That looks great!
Thanks to EricCG and to Matt for your responses.

@mattab commented on April 11th 2013 Member
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