@mattab opened this Issue on December 14th 2012 Owner

This was requested a few times over the years by email and in the forums.

We could process a new simple report: the top 100 (or 500) IP adresses with: number of actions, bounce rate, etc.

This would help find bots, automated requests, or discover bugs in the tracking or other things.

I propose a new report, available only to the Super User and Admin user, displayed in Visitors>Ip Adresses.


@mattab commented on May 28th 2014 Owner

By adding to metadata users could then also access the Top IP report in Piwik Mobile, or add it to analytics email reports.

@ahattouti-canaltp commented on November 27th 2014 Contributor

This proposal is important and useful in the statistic tools.
Today i search this report type for the diagnostic.
Thank you

@sgiehl commented on November 18th 2017 Member

Just released a small plugin providing such an report: https://plugins.piwik.org/IPReports

This Issue was closed on November 18th 2017
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