@hpvd opened this Issue on November 21st 2012

it would be very interesting/helpful to have a standard dashboard widget to show directly all 404 calls with the referers leading to this page.
So you see directly after login

  • if there is a failure on your website which you should correct, or - - if you should write a redirect
  • or if you should take other actions

the data is already there... see

@mattab commented on November 22nd 2012 Owner

Good point, we should clearly list all 404 pages and also link to Transitions report, to see which lead to these 404 pages (external sites? internal links?)

@hpvd commented on November 22nd 2012

it's just becoming even more interesting because even "normal" users who do not like editing files can use this function now since e.g. the magento plugin by Adrian supports this logging with the new version (this night, v1.10 see http://www.magentocommerce.com/magento-connect/piwik-ecommerce-7191.html#tab:releasenotes)

@gggeek commented on October 17th 2014

And when piwik is used in parse-apache-logs mode, it should be able to scan for all types of server errors without the need to inject a tag at all in generated error pages

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